Robertson Pens

We just started applying the same techniques and work we have accomplished in our other product lines into make custom handmade writing pens. All of the pens with acrylic bodies are hand casted and mixed in our shop. We create all the colors from dyes, and the swirl pattern makes each one truly unique.

We are also putting our segmented inlay work in our pens and rose engine work in the future. We now have pens available on our site for sale here Writing Pens. Share this with your friends, and let us know what you think.

Duck Calls

I started making duck calls with inlay in 2003. I’ve won a variety of awards with CCAA and NWTF, including a 1st place award in lamination in 2007 at the NWTF Call Contest. I  use an assortment of exotic woods, and make some of the smallest and accurate inlay in the world.

My duck calls have been published in a several magazines and books. I plan to do more work in the future and try to make even smaller and more accurate inlay. I would also like to produce a selection of working duck calls to go along with the collector calls I make now. We haven’t made duck calls for a while, because we added 2,500 sq/ft to our shop, and we are designing and building more machines.

Machinery Operator’s and Parts Manuals

We reproduce a variety of machine manuals for industries and home workshops from over 120 different manufacturers. We just don’t make photocopies of the operator’s and parts manuals. We actually take the time to digitally clean every page of every manual. We carry manuals for a lot of popular metal lathes like: South Bend, Monarch, Nardini, Leblond-Regal, Hardinge, Clausing, Atlas, and more. Our manuals are printed on heavy paper and comb bound. This makes them easier to read on your workbench than a pdf download.

You will not find any fingerprints or handwriting on any of our milling machine manuals for Bridgeport, Supermax, Lagun, or Induma. Plus we’ve taken old dirty woodworking manuals for Delta Rockwell, Milwaukee, Walker Turner, Craftsman, and Powermatic and made them look as good as they originally did or better.

Please check out our selection, and us know if you need help finding any of our manuals. Feel free to email us pictures and information. We strive to offer a quality service and product.

Mic-O-Say Claws for Boy Scouts

I’ve been making claws for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say for over 10 years, which is a Boy Scout honor camping program. I became an Eagle Scout in the Heart of America Council in 1964, and attended H. Roe Bartle Reservation during the summers when it was called Camp Osceola. I became a member of the tribe in 1966. Later my son became involved in Scouting and received his Eagle, and was on staff at Piercing Arrow. I started making claws for him, because his other claws kept falling apart, and my involvement grew from there.

Now our whole family is involved. My wife, who is a honorary warrior, and I make claws and other items every summer for Bartle. All of our items can be found in Scott’s General Store in Iconium, MO. We enjoy working with the Boy Scouts and helping others by providing claws that they can be proud of for this great honor camping program.

ray2-filtered Home

More than just another pretty face.

Hi, I’m Ray. I’ve been in the woodworking business for over forty years. Twenty years ago, I decided to go into metalworking as well, in order to make the machinery and jigs that my woodworking required. Since then, I’ve accumulated many different machines, along with their manuals. As a self-taught craftsman, I’ve frequently needed manuals to help myself set up or operate complicated machines. That is why I started this service- to make hard-to-find manuals easier for other craftsmen to obtain. After all, I remember the day when they didn’t even have computers.

We have over 1,000 manuals reproduced, and we have 1,000’s more to finish. The scanning and cleaning process takes time, but we keep adding more. Let us know if you or anyone else needs a manual.


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