New Custom Segmented Inlay Ballpoint Pen Series


We just completed our new woodturned segmented inlay pen series, and got them online today. We are very excited about these. These pens will be our first inlay pens that we have available. Each pen has 142 individual pieces in the body. We are planning on making more intricate and detailed pens in the future. We’ll also be moving into fountain pens next.This is just the beginning of a new process and product line for us. We’ve had to build special machinery and jig/fixtures to accomplish this detailed inlay work with wood. We have to maintain tolerances down to one ten-hundredths of an inch (0.0001″). That is about 600 times the size of the average human hair. We hope you like these new pens, and continue to follow our endeavor into the pen making world.


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Pens are available now on our Etsy store:

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New Product Line and Etsy Store for Robertson Pens

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We just started a new product line of handcrafted turned pens, and we opened up a new Etsy store to sell them. We may also add other products to the store in the future.

Ozark Woodworker Etsy Store

This is just the beginning and start of our pen product line. Each one of the writing pens we have available now have an acrylic body that we hand casted and mixed together ourselves. The coloring was chosen to complement the pen hardware. Then the pen blanks were sized, drilled, and turned down to the specific dimensions. They are hand sanded and polished to a mirror like finish that is durable.


Our pens in the future will have more inlay patterns similar to the work we have accomplished in duck calls. So check out our Etsy store and check back with us to see what we come out with next.


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Starting Production of the Mic-O-Say Claws Again in the Shop



It’s that time of the year for us to start switching the production in our shop over to Mic-O-Say claws that we’ll be sending up to Scott’s General Store in Iconium, MO this summer. We are using a newer tougher plastic that should be more durable. Above is one of our buffing stations. The harder material takes more work to buff, but the extra durability is worth it. We always strive to make the best quality products we can in our shop.

We are also hoping to get into custom colored bone to hang between your Mic-O-Say claws and coups. We are going to come out with some new colors, and new selection of staff coups.