BSA Robertson Claws

claws1 BSA Robertson Claws

Robertson Claws

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Built with attention to details

By tribesmen
for tribesmen

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Has a Mortise & Tenon

claws3 BSA Robertson Claws

Cut with care.

claws4 BSA Robertson Claws

With custom designed materials.

Made in our shop.

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Precision is important to us.

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Claws for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and Boy Scouts

I’ve been making claws for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say for over 15 years, which is a Boy Scout honor camping program. I became an Eagle Scout in the Heart of America Council in 1964, and attended H. Roe Bartle Reservation during the summers when it was called Camp Osceola. I became a member of the tribe in 1966. Later my son became involved in Scouting and received his Eagle, and was on staff at Piercing Arrow. I started making claws for him, because his other claws kept falling apart, and my involvement grew from there.

Now our whole family is involved. My wife, who is a honorary warrior, and I make claws and other items every summer. All of our items can be found in Scott’s Iconium Store. We enjoy working with the Scouts and helping others by providing claws that they can be proud of for this great honor camping program.

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All of our claws are on display and sale year-round in Scott’s Iconium Store and on their website here: Robertson Claws

We enjoy our new partnership with Shannon at Scott’s Iconium Store. They are currently selling 12 different marble mounts on their website that are available in both hardway, honorary, and matching staff coups. They also have our complete assortment and inventory of other claws on display in their store. This is great for everyone, because his store makes the perfect one stop shopping experience for our customers since he carries the chains, coup’s, charms, etc…

Please contact their friendly staff for any questions.
417-646-2221 8-6PM CST
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