Robertson Pens

We are now making our new line of custom handmade ballpoint pens. All of our pens are hand made one at a time.  No two pens are ever exactly alike, all are truly unique.

The acrylic in our pens have been hand mixed and poured in our shop in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. We design our own colors that are swirled together in a pattern by hand that is both pleasing to the eye and makes each pen one of a kind. We are able to have more control over the patterns, and this gives us an advantage over buying our stock from other distributors.


Each pen blank is selected from our raw materials to complement the pen hardware. We choose the best pattern from a larger block, and size the material down. Then we hand drill the hole for a specific size. Then the pen blank is placed on a lathe, and hand turned to a specific shape and dimension to match the pen hardware. After the turning, the blanks are hand sanded and polished with several different grades of a special microfiber material one at a time. Once a smooth finish is achieved, they are buffed to create a show quality gloss finish. This process takes a considerable amount of time and machinery.

You can learn more about us here.

This is all done to provide the highest quality pen we enjoy making for you.

We will soon be expanding our selection of handcrafted ballpoint and fountain pens. So please bookmark us and check back soon.









These handcrafted pens make great gifts for a professional, executive, professor, graduation, wedding gift, or anyone who enjoys a fine quality writing instrument.

The 40+ years of jewelry, wood and metalworking gives us the ability to maintain a high standard in everything we produce in our shop.

Robertson Pens For Sale

We just opened a new Etsy store for our pens and future products, and you can see these below.

We will be adding new products in the future, and we will have products for sale directly on our site.